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The Crown Jewel (Duratul Taj) The Crown Jewel (Duratul Taj)

A small but concise booklet outlining the authenticated practices of the Sunni Tijani Path of Ihsan. This treatise outlines the zikr, Awrad and rules of the Tijani initiate.

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Mukhtasar Al-Akhdari Mukhtasar Al-Akhdari

The understanding of the acts of worship according to the Maliki school of Islamic law. Imam al-Akhdari . He is an Algerian scholar whose full name is Abū Yazīd ʿAbdur Raḥmān bin Muḥammad al-Ṣaghīr bin Muḥammad bin ʿĀmir. He is most commonly known as "al-Akhḍarī." He followed the Mālikī school in fiqh and the Ashʿarī school in creed. He is considered to be from amongst the great scholars of Islam and the distinguished scholars of Algeria in the 10th century Hijra.

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The Stations of the Religion The Stations of the Religion

A concise explanation of the Hadith of the Angel Jibril. This explanation was sent as a letter to one of the students of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, after requesting that the Shaykh explain it to him. A description of the steps of SPiritual Wayfaring (Suluk)

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Path to the Garden Path to the Garden

This is the English translation of two important works by Shaykh Ruqayya bint Ibrahim Niasse. It is a treatise on Islamic primary knowledge (Fiq) and also motherly advice to young Muslim women. It has been included in the educational curriculum of 3 countries and is an amazing scholarly work written by one of Islams most luminous female scholars.

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The Nocturnal Journey The Nocturnal Journey

This is a commentary from a sufi perspective, of the famous Hadith detailing the events of the Isra and Mir'aj or Nocturnal Journey and Heavenly Ascension of the Holy Messenger of Allah. This commentary was done by one of Islams brightest stars and spiritual leaders, Shaykh Muhammadou Mahy Aliou Cisse, grandson of the esteemed Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse.

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The Enlightenment of Humanity (Tabsiratul Anaam) The Enlightenment of Humanity (Tabsiratul Anaam)

This books defines the reason why knowledge and those who have and use it, are the rightful leaders of Gods creation. He draws from a breadth of knowledge contained in the Qur'an and sunnah to exquisitely bring the reader to this very important point.

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Islam the Religion of Peace and Help for Humanity Islam the Religion of Peace and Help for Humanity

The collection of selected speeches by Cheikh Tidiane Ali Cisse, the Imam of the Grand Mosque, Medina-Baye Kaolack, Senegal. As Imam of the spiritual heart for the followers of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, Cheikh Tidiane Cisse represents some one hundred million Muslims around the world. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, the middle east & America attending conferences, participating in religious debates and calling people to Islam.

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The Divine Opening The Divine Opening

This book is an explanatory guide of the rules, principles and practices of one of Islams largest and fastest growing spiritual traditions. It is a compilation of the knowledge contained in the Tariqas most prominent books. This is the most concise and complete book on this Tariqa and its practices which are based on the Holy Quran and Prophetic way of life.

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The Moon & the Month The Moon & the Month

A Fatwa by Shaykh al-Islam of Africa al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse, on the importance of sighting the Crescent moon for determining the Lunar Months. This version has the English translation as well as the Arabic original in it.

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On the Path of the Prophet On the Path of the Prophet

This is the first exhaustive work of one of Islams most influential figures. He is the leader and founder of the most populace Sufi Tariqas in the Islamic world. He is the Hidden Pole, Seal of Muhammadan Sainthood...Shaykh Ahmad Tijani (RA).

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Pearls From the Flood Pearls From the Flood

This book contains select speeches, letters and talks given by Islams greatest luminary and scholar after the 20th century, Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse. It is an indispensable guide for the aspirant and student of the Knowledge of God.

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The Removal Of Confusion The Removal Of Confusion

The Removal of Confusion is a compendium of insights from the Muslim Sufi tradition concerning the path to realizing the experiential knowledge of Allah. This is the first English translation of any major text of the Tijani Tariqa. It was authored by Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse and remains one of the most decisive proofs for the science of Tassawuf.

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What the Knowers of Allah Have Said about the Knowledge of God What the Knowers of Allah Have Said about the Knowledge of God

The work presented here was originally written for delivery at a Mawlid celebration in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 2011. It concerns Ma'arifa-Allah, the experiential knowledge of God, sometimes translated as gnosis or cognizance. Ma'arifa is often considered the essence of the Sufi path, and the reality of Ihsan: after al-Islamm (submission) and al-Iman (faith) comes al-ihsan (excellence), "to worship God as if you are seeing Him, and if you are not seeing Him, know that He is seeing you."

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Journey of the Heart Journey of the Heart

Rare manuscript currently available. This book is the last written poem by the Shaykh. Translated from the original Arabic. It is a rare gem for those interested in knowing more about this subject area.

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In the Meadows of Tafsir In the Meadows of Tafsir

Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse is the only Tijani Shaykh whos Tafsir of Quran has been published in its entirety. He completed the entire Tafsir of Quran between 10 and 12 times throughout his life, in public. Most of the times he would engage in the Tafsir, it would be in the Wolof language, but 2 or 3 times he did the entire Tafsir in the Arabic language for the benefit of his non-wolof speaking Murids (Students). The very last time he did the entire Tafsir in public, was in the year 1963 and it was recorded on cassette tape and transcribed by his loyal student, Shaykh Muhammad Wuld' Abdallah al-Jayjuba.

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The Spirit Of Good Morals The Spirit Of Good Morals

Fayda Books has successfully republished a revised translation and transliteration of this essential book written by Shaykh Ibrahim Niass in 1920. It is his first published book and an essential work that expresses the importance of adab and its relationship to the experiential knowledge of God. He wrote it as advice to the Murids.

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Living Knowledge In West African Islam: The Sufi Community Of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse Living Knowledge In West African Islam: The Sufi Community Of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse

Living Knowledge in West African Islam examines the actualization of religious identity in the community of Ibrāhīm Niasse (d.1975, Senegal). With millions of followers throughout Africa and the world, the community arguably represents one of the twentieth century’s most successful Islamic revivals. Niasse’s followers, members of the Tijāniyya Sufi order, gave particular attention to the widespread transmission of the experiential knowledge (maʿrifa) of God. They also worked to articulate a global Islamic identity in the crucible of African decolonization.

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The Guarded Treasure (Al-Kanz Al-Masun  Wa'L Lu'Lu Al-Maknun) The Guarded Treasure (Al-Kanz Al-Masun Wa'L Lu'Lu Al-Maknun)

The collection of Shaykh Ibrahim Niass most cherished supplications, many of which Shaykh Hassan Cisse reproduced from the manuscript Sirr al-Akbar (The Greatest Secret), a text recording Shaykh Ibrahims divine unveilings.

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