Bringing the knowledge of the Tijani Fayda to the english speaking community

Fayda Books Publishing and Distribution is the only publishing company dedicated to translating the works of Islams Tariqa Tijaniyya and its Fayda movement. Our mission is to make accessible to the world, the primary and secondary sources of information and knowledge for one of Islams fastest growing sufi Tariqas. This Tijani Sufi path has been responsible for the enlightenment of hundreds of thousands for the past 300 years and its global reach is growing at an unprecedented pace. Central to its teachings is the experiential knowledge of God that is the sole purpose of human-beings existence. The Tijani Fayda of Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse has proven to be the vehicle with which millions have and are currently coming to this knowledge of God. Our effort is to assist in helping with this effort.