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Fayda Books Initiatives function as our "non-publishing" part of the work we do. Every year, we host several Mawalids all over the country and this year, after the Mawlid of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse on May 6, we will host our first ever "Sufi Intensive" program. It is our mission to help people better understand the centrality of Islams spiritual tradition of Tassawuff.

For 4 days and 3 nights, seekers of knowledge will gather to learn directly from Shaykh Mahy Cisse and other scholars on matters pertaining to self-purification (Tazkiyyatul Nafs), Gnosis (Knowledge of Allah), community activism and artistic expression for the love of Allah and His Prophet (saw). Daily group zikr and reflections upon selected Tafsir are inclusive of this intensive.

This retreat will provide the seeker with an opportunity to study the sciences that emphasize the Prophetic model and path pertaining to the soul, spirit and heart. It is our contention that when these parts of a person have been cleansed and trained properly, he/she can then function as a proper “Insan al-Kamil” or perfected human being, and better affect the world around him/her. Just as The Prophet (saw) changed his local and worldwide community, we believe that a Sufi’s duty is not only to purify himself but that he/she must also be a purifying agent for those around him/her. The Intensive will be held in the Washington metropolitan area at the Diyanet Center of America, North America’s largest Masjid complex. It features guest houses, dining facilities, a cultural center, and educational facilities that make it an environment conducive to deep study, worship, and contemplation.